1. YOU ARE THE COMMUNITY – our community is only as good as we make it, so show some respect.

2. KEEP IT REAL – Post your own content, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and give props where necessary.

3. KEEP IT PG – No illegal subject matter, sexually explicit or violent graphic images or text references.

4. NO SPAM PLEASE – RELEVNT is supposed to be the cleanest social experience on the planet.

5. DON’T HARASS OTHERS – RELEVNT will not tolerate the harassment of its users, neither should you!





The RELEVNT community guidelines within are intended to provide a framework of appropriate behavior and to make everyone’s experience on RELEVNT the best it can be. By using RELEVNT, you are subject to our Terms of Use. Repeat offenders of these Community Guidelines may result in the termination your member account and/or related products without notice, and you will no longer be permitted to access RELEVNT.

YOU ARE THE COMMUNITY: What makes RELEVNT great is the people who use it. We encourage people to share their life’s moments, passions, ideas and thoughts in a respectful and tasteful manner. Members of our community will not always agree on everything, but that’s life! We encourage freedom of expression, but we do not encourage doing so at the expense of another or their reputation. Please treat everyone with a mutual level of respect that you would want in return.

KEEP IT REAL: RELEVNT is one of the best mobile platforms to share and discover both branded and user-generated content. As such we expect that you treat the content on the RELEVNT network, and content from other media shared on the RELEVNT network, with the appropriate level of recognition and respect of ownership. Users own the rights to all photos, GIFs or videos they have uploaded using our service, and we ask that you respect their copyright ownership. If you want to express your endorsement over a great post, it’s best to show your love by reposting or upvoting it. Choosing a user name or RELEVNT COMMUNITY that misleads others as to your identity is strictly against the rules. If you feel strongly about a violation of personal content and abuse of copyright ownership or trademarks, please click here to file a report or visit RELEVNT’s Complaint Guidelines page.

KEEP IT PG: The RELEVNT community spans all walks of human life and includes users as young as 13 years old. RELEVNT operates in accordance with Apple Inc. App Store ratings for nudity, violence and mature content. This means that we ask you to please post appropriate content to RELEVNT and to not share text or media that exhibits illegal subject matter, sexual conduct or nudity, violence or threatening subject matter, adult language and curses or other content that would be inadmissible in a PG movie. At its sole discretion, RELEVNT reserves the right to remove content believed to be inappropriate for our Community, and by failing to adhere to the principal guidelines within may result in the disabling of the responsible account and/or discontinued access to RELEVNT and affiliated products.

NO SPAM PLEASE: RELEVNT is designed to foster genuine promotion and expression of personal passions. Solicitation and self-promotion are not intended uses of the RELEVNT platform. RELEVNT intends to enable instant mobile communities around topics and passions inspired by its users. Please responsibly utilize the network and respect the integrity of the RELEVNT experience of others by avoiding spam.

WE ARE ANTI-HARASSMENT: Please avoid the defamation of other users or content that is threatening on RELEVNT. Users or content that are deemed to be unsuitable for RELEVNT will be removed and users may lose the privilege of using RELEVNT and affiliated products, including the possible loss of your RELEVNT COMMUNITY.

RESPECT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Intellectual property rights come in various forms, from trademarks, publicity rights, to copyrights, and we expect all members of the RELEVNT community to respect the legal rights of other members and third parties. Whether selecting a RELEVNT COMMUNITY or posting content, take a moment to ensure your activities will not infringe the intellectual property rights of another.

NOTIFY US OF INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR AND CONTENT: If you come across content or users that you find offensive or are outside suitable behavior as outlined in these RELEVNT Community Guidelines, please notify us by visiting RELEVNT’s Complaint Guidelines page. If you need further information you can contact the Support Center and read our Terms of Use. If you believe that the principal guidelines outlined above will not provide you with the appropriate medium to share your life’s passions, we suggest finding an alternative service. We are proud of our community and intend to keep it fun and safe for all of our users.