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Relevnt is made up of local message boards known as “Vibes,” each is organized around your interests & location.


Relevnt is a free location-based app where people discuss local topics with other like-minded locals.

It’s the best way to connect into local events, offers, and culture, wherever you are and wherever you go.


Join Vibes


Find local user-created public or private Vibes where members discuss and share topical content. Stay included in conversations around you.


Create Vibes


Start your own local Vibe on Relevnt. Vibes give you the ability to create customizable themed boards for specific content. It’s your very own open space to show and tell whatever you want.



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“I’m a freshman at UF and I felt right at home on campus using the AskAlbert Vibe. Other students helped me with questions I had, and where to hang out. I’ve never felt lost or left out."

- Sarah K.


Get Involved

Relevnt™ is going live on college campuses and cities nationwide where each school and town has their own unique messaging network. We’re building an outgoing and energetic student Vibe Squad at universities, campuses, and in cities around the nation. We want you to be part of it!

The campus VIBE SQUAD

Being on the Vibe Squad is a great opportunity to help fellow students “find their vibe” and earn $$$ at college.

Revolutionizing local news

We’re reshaping the creation, distribution, and consumption of traditional local news for today's mobile audiences.

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