Campus Vibe Squads

Relevnt is currently activating Vibe Squads at these schools:


We’re building outgoing student Vibe Squads and we want you to be part of it.

Relevnt is made up of “Vibes,” local message boards that you join based on your interests and location. Campus dorms, quad events, local music, surfing, movies, politics, sports.... Relevnt is the place for students to connect, be included, and chat with others who have similar interests.

The Vibe Squad will introduce Relevnt to students at dorm gatherings, music festivals, sporting events, parking lot boxing tournaments, and more. Your role is to engage students, hand out free swag, and make sure they download and use the app.

While Relevnt's primary focus is to be on campus, we are also spreading the word around town - to locals and visitors. We'd love your involvement in local off-campus events as well.



  • Self-starter

  • Team player

  • Strategic forward-thinker

  • Active, well-connected, knows the campus well

  • 5-7 hours per week on average


  • Great resume building skills (ie: marketing, communications, project management)

  • Earn $15 an hour

  • Exclusive Merchandise

  • Potential Career Growth

  • Work with a highly motivated, creative, and fun group of people


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