Instead of going to the news, the news comes to you.

RSS feeds allow you to see when websites have added new content. You can get the latest content in one place, as soon as it's published, without having to visit the websites individually.


What is an RSS feed?

Feeds are generally known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) which are just web pages, designed to be automatically checked for new content by computers rather than people.

Simply put, the purpose of RSS is to instantly share the content published from a web source. In order to do so, an RSS feed is produced which consists of a list of new content added to the site. Typically, each item includes a title, a brief summary, and the full content - images, video, audio, etc.

Once a feed is produced and made available, its content can be published, indexed, collected, and read via Relevnt software. These features can assist you and your Community Members with day-to-day tasks in two very significant ways: by helping them keep up with trends in topics they're interested in and as a means of advertising and marketing your own content.

As we all know, keeping up with news on a specific topic is an ongoing challenge. News about new information sources, techniques, and technologies seems to emerge on an almost daily basis. If you were like us, then you likely used to struggle to keep up by monitoring multiple sites. Relevnt integrated with RSS can make this task much easier. By using Relent, you can eliminate the need to visit a site unless you know that new information of interest to you has been posted.


What does an RSS URL look like?

For example, here is BBC News "Top Stories" RSS URL -

If you wanted to add this RSS feed to your Community, you would go to a Community you own, go to your Manager page copy and paste it into your Main feed or a Content Tab. Then all of BBC News Top Stories would start to populate in your Community content as soon as its published.

RSS feeds solve a BIG problem and the potential benefits of creating your own feeds to publicize the resources and valuable content that you offer is even bigger. By syndicating your content and publicizing the availability of your feeds via your Relevnt Community, you can create another avenue to share news about company, podcast, brand, etc and market your content to new engaged audiences on mobile.

Keep up with the growing number of consumers using mobile phones and tablets. Relevnt's RSS Feeds are specifically optimized for mobile users. So the web page will always look beautiful.


Locating Feeds


There are several ways to find RSS feeds to which you might like to add to your Community. You can start by visiting your website ( Another option is to go to your favorite news sites to see if they offer feeds. Most sites identify their RSS feeds with one of these small icons:

Alternate ways to identify if there is no RSS icon shown on website:

  • Try adding “/feed” or “/rss” to the end of the URL and hit enter. If the new web page takes you to a long page of code, then you’ve found the RSS feed! Copy the URL in the address bar into your community and you’re good to go. Note: Some browsers such as Safari do not work well with this method unless you install a Safari RSS Reader extension to your browser. We’ve found Google Chrome and Internet Explorer work well.

  • Navigate to and paste the desired website URL into the reader. Digg will pull up all available RSS results for that website, if there are any.



Follow these steps to create an RSS feed URL for your own Squarespace website:

iTunes Podcasts:

You should first subscribe to the Podcast using iTunes, then open your iTunes library.

1. Go to your Podcasts listing in your iTunes library, you will see a list of the Podcasts you subscribe to.

2. Right-click on the Podcast you want to copy the URL of and select "Copy Podcast URL". This will copy the URL to the RSS feed of the Podcast into your clipboard.

3. Then paste that link into your RSS section of your Community Manger.


Visit and use their iTunes Podcast Extractor. Simply copy and paste Podcast ID or URL in the field and click submit. The RSS will appear below.


To locate YouTube RSS feeds, you can go two ways - by the entire Channel or by a specific Playlist.


  1. Go to the YouTube Channel you want to track

  2. View the Channel page’s URL

  3. Get the value for that element (it’ll look something like

  4. Copy and paste the part that starts with "UC" and ad into this end of this new URL after "id= "


  1. Go to the YouTube Channel, then pick a Playlist you want to track

  2. View the Playlist page’s URL

  3. Get the value for that element (it’ll look something like PLivjPDlt6ApToUAWUO3gu)

  4. Replace that value into this new URL:

Now you can paste that into your Community Manager page in the RSS feeds and Navigation Tabs section.




You can add Twitter User feeds or Twitter hashtag conversations into your Community. We find the best and easiest way to pull this content in, is