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Feature highlight: Relevnt™ NOW

Be the first to know.

Stay instantly informed on national or world movements, local topics, special events, conventions and trade shows, sports games, current or upcoming podcasts, movies and tv shows.

News happens. And keeps happening.

Sometimes you only have time to take a glimpse of whats happening for a few minutes while you’re waiting, in transit, or multitasking. We know keeping up with the latest content is tough, especially content you're interested in.


The “NOW” feature highlights your favorite Communities and their most recent updates at the top of your feed.

You set the priority - 1 day, 1 week or forever. It's your own essential everyday tool that helps provide you with instant knowledge about timely topics that are most important to you.

Tap the clock icon on corner of Communities in your feed to pick priority duration.

Tap the clock icon on corner of Communities in your feed to pick priority duration.

 Never miss what's important to you.

It's the simple idea that you can isolate the top of your newsfeed for what's happening right now, and make it special when it matters.


How to prioritize Communities as "NOW":



See a Community in your newsfeed that you really want to keep track of?

We'll use the SXSW Community for this example.



Tap the clock icon on the top right corner of the SXSW Community.

Each Community in your feed has this ability.



Set the time frame this is going to be important to you. We selected "1 week."

SXSW is marked "NOW" and will appear at the top of the feed in a new dynamic view.



Examples of interest-driven Communities members are currently pinning as "Relevnt NOW":


Try it for yourself and get Relevnt...NOW.