Relevnt Launches First Location-based Mobile Network Personalized by Consumer Interests

Discover and connect with great local content creators wherever you live, wherever you go.


Today, Relevnt launched as the first location-based mobile network personalized by consumer interests. Once users define their circle of interests on the platform, Relevnt enables them to discover and connect with enthusiast communities and independent voices wherever they live, wherever they go.


“Local community media and journalism in all of its art forms such as news, lifestyle, culture, sports and entertainment plays a critical role in a well-informed, civil society. However, due to secular declines in print media consumption compounded by the mainstream social platforms soaking up most of the ad dollars, the local community collective faces an existential threat," said Winder Hughes, Founder and CEO.

“Now, in response to the highly fragmented population of localized niche media outlets, Relevnt is re-energizing these legacy experiences into being a fresh, mobile-first experience for today’s digital audiences. It’s like Yelp for local media," added Hughes.

By aggregating an interconnected network of local content creators and established media brands onto a new, unified mobile-first medium, Relevnt empowers them to leverage the network effects of aggregated local audiences to then attract a broader population of local and national advertisers in ways never accessible before.


Relevnt is bringing its vision of location-based topics and conversations into the forefront of the consumers’ mobile lifestyle. We believe there’s a huge appetite for a powerful open space to gain knowledge and stay informed from independent local voices to be instantly discovered and heard - without the distractions of social media.

According to a recent article by Steve Smith in Folio Magazine, “Time Spent: What the KPIs Are Telling Us,” “important next formats will better leverage the unique qualities of mobile, especially the intersection of location and behavior. Geolocation and predictive AI will likely provide the necessary filter to help push contextually relevant, highly personalized media to the point of need or want. A user’s real-time location, situation, personal behavior will be the triggers for serving the right needs to rethink itself as a persistent companion or as a service that is relevant to specific times and places in someone’s daily life.”

About Relevnt

Relevnt is a location-based mobile network personalized by your interests. Discover great local voices wherever you live, wherever you go! To get relevant today, download the Relevnt app on App Store and visit us at

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