Relevnt™ is the only real-time media browser and mobile domain registrar offering a unique way to distribute, consume and monetize web content for the mobile ecosystem.


Control your mobile destiny.


Mobile is the new normal.

For Publishers and Content Creators, Relevnt™ is a unique audience development service that provides an all-in-one mobile publishing platform for all your web and digital content. Complement your website and eliminate the cost of building your own app.


Replicate the branded environments of websites, single-purpose apps, TV, and print, all in Relevnt's extensible and easy to integrate mobile-first platform.


Relevnt™ offers new innovative, Mobile Domains called “Communities.”

elegantly solve the complicated distribution and consumption process of web content on mobile


Introducing Relevnt™

Communities for Media




Directly monetize around a new mobile destination that your company or brand owns, where your fans and audiences share ideas, news and experiences.


Register & Own

Go to Marketplace in-app and get your first Mobile Domain, aka Community, for free!

monetize in mobile

Generate direct advertising revenue via targeted native ads and sponsorships in your Community.

Host the party

Your Community is your baby, show it some love and fill it with people who get it too.