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For Local Creators

Your local Voice. Your local Audience. Your local Platform.

Built for local Creators, Bloggers, Podcasters, School Newspapers, Artists, Publishers, Newsgroups, and Lifestyle Brands.


True ownership for creatives and digital entrepreneurs

Create your own Registered Community on Relevnt. Communities give you, the local content creator, the ability to build your wholly owned, customizable peer-to-peer mobile destination. It’s your very own open space to show and tell about whatever you want. They can be public or private. Your Community will connect you with other like-minded locals to chat, live stream, and share topical content.


Relevnt Communities bring like-minded people together based on where they live & their common interests.


Around You

As a creator, you’re writing local blogs, recording podcasts, covering campus news, making beautiful art, or live streaming daily events, etc. Whatever it is you’re putting out there, our Around You section sets your new content on center stage for anyone in your city or at your campus to instantly find. This eliminates the fight for people’s attention that’s already been taken by social media and obscured by millions of other sites on the web. Your content is amazing and shouldn’t get missed!

•Get found by locals in your area with no restrictions.

• Start a local chatroom to bring locals together in a new way.

•Widen your distribution channel by reaching broader audiences and tap into the network-effect of other local content creators brought together with Relevnt.

•Leverage our mobile journalism publishing tools - Content creation & management.


Community Owner tools and settings

As a new Community Owner you’ve now got a set of features to use that add extra value to your Community experience. Drop your pin radius on the map to show up on those users Around You page. Add RSS feeds to help bring in fresh content. Provide consumers with a fresh and exciting mobile-first experience by adding Content Tabs that display as topical sub-navigation to post into. Start monetizing your Community with Patreon by connecting your account and allow members to help fund your content creation.


Your audiences will always see 100% of your published content in real-time, driving broader reach, deeper engagement and greater monetization opportunity, and we think that’s amazing.


Introducing the "MoJo" Publishing Framework


MoJo is re-energizing mobile journalism into being a fresh, modernized, mobile-first experience for today’s digital audiences - nimble, low cost, and real-time.