Add RSS feeds & Content Tabs

🎯Relevnt 101: RSS feed integration

Click here to learn how to find and create RSS feeds from different sources


Combine and display multiple RSS Feeds from your website or any source:

  • Deliver real-time info and data from multiple sources like YouTube, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Libsyn, Instagram, Spotify, and more.

  • Pull in images, videos, podcast audio, blogs and articles.

  • Supports text in any language.

Or map your website page navigation using Content Tabs:

Use Content Tabs to create a custom layout of sub-feeds on your Community page. This versatile Community feature is a great way to mirror the pages from your site, or to label different RSS feed sources. Members can tap a labelled Tab to filter the content you provide for each one.

Copy and paste your RSS feed URL into the Main field. Tap the "+ Add RSS feed" to keep adding as many RSS feeds as you need.

Relevnt Team