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There's culture, content, and local voices wherever you are, wherever you go. Tap into those sources with Relevnt.


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Relevnt is made up of “Vibes.” These are message boards you join based on your interests and location. Interests can be anything from local music to surfing to movies to politics to sports to so much more. And when you tap into your interests right where you are, you can find your Vibe.


Vibe feed

Add to your feed by joining Vibes that interest you. When new content is posted, your Vibes update in real-time so you’re always included.


Around You

Your hyper-local landing page to stay in the loop on everything and every conversation happening in your area. Local Vibes are created for and by fans, students, artists, news, enthusiasts, business owners, and countless others.


Vibe Chatrooms

Every Vibe on Relevnt has a chatroom. Join topical conversations and have fun sharing GIFs, photos, and our mascot emojis. There are thousands of chatrooms to choose from. Your most recent chatroom activity is easily accessible at the top of your feed.

Most chatrooms are closed to a specific geo-fenced radius, where only those within that area can message. Others are global and open for anyone to chat.


Whatever you're into, there's a Vibe for YOU.



Share, Discover, and Chat about things you love with others who like it just as much as you do.


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Relevnt Vibes feature chatrooms, videos, podcasts, blogs, articles, news, live streams and more.


Never miss out

Prioritize your favorite Vibes at the top of your feed. This way, you view their posts faster and never miss out.


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