The single most important thing to understand about Relevnt is that it is not a single monolithic app. It’s a platform for creating communities, and is made up of local communities (known as “Vibes”), which are devoted to all kinds of different topics and are created and maintained by local people in your area. Other than a few local Vibes for kicking off Relevnt in a new city, almost every Vibe is user-run, with practically no involvement from Relevnt employees.

Any Relevnt user can create, customize, and monetize Vibes. Vibes have the power to dynamically transform websites, podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds, or any content source into a real-time feed that local users can instantly discover in their Around You section on Relevnt.

Your Vibe content updates as you publish it in your feed, ensuring your Vibe Members always see the latest content.


Each Vibe has a custom chatroom. These chatrooms give users the ability to join local conversations on specific topics and connect with like-minded people.

As the Vibe Owner and moderator, you have the ability to add a chatroom background that complements your Vibe's topic/theme.


Vibes are filled with original and curated content from all over the web - RSS, live streams, video, photos, links, text, audio, gifs, etc.


Monetize in Mobile

Relevnt Vibes are portals to authentically curated media, uniquely organized by category, that flow into a member's newsfeed filtered by their interests. Each one is its own mobile-first domain that can map directly to any website via Relevnt Post Tags.

Transform your web content into a more relevant mobile newsfeed format that members can see in real-time. Publishers and content creators now have a more seamless way for better engagement, improved traffic and increased revenue in mobile.



Empowering content creators through ownership & monetization in mobile, Relevnt’s customizable content experience is the low cost, low-risk way to replicate your branded presence in mobile all in one place.

Move your media assets into a mobile-first world

Drive deeper consumer engagement by distributing and extending all of your collective digital content into a new one-stop, mobile-first destination. Create the premium experience of a branded app while delivering the reach of the web.

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Avoid the cost of maintaining your own app

Customize and map your current website RSS feeds by adding Post tags on your new Relevnt Vibe. Easily start publishing in minutes, while benefiting from the network effect of a connected platform.


Boost organic reach and relevance with target audiences

Promote the "Relevnt Now" button to get your Vibe pinned to the top of followers' feeds to increase exposure and consumption. Relevnt Vibes are also searchable and discoverable on the web enabling organic discovery.

Harness the power of MoJo (Mobile Journalism)

Leverage Relevnt’s unique suite of mobile content management and publishing tools, which include a fully integrated package of location-based pin dropping and push notifications for local audiences; mobile-first article compositions; custom Post Tags mapping to one’s website pages; and more.


Monetize in Mobile

Reduce internal sales costs and generate direct advertising revenue as marketers place programmatic and targeted native advertisements in your Vibe - keep 100% of your net advertising dollars


Offering Solutions for:

• News Organizations • Brands • Podcasters • Music Labels • Magazine Publishers • NonProfits