Create Community around Content

Creating Community around Content.



About Us

Our purpose:

  1. To connect people with great local content
  2. To restore the concept of discovery and ownership for content creators in mobile

Local community media and journalism in all of its art forms such as news, lifestyle, culture, sports and entertainment plays a critical role in a well-informed, civil society. However, due to secular declines in print media consumption compounded by the Facebook/Google advertising duopoly soaking up all of the ad dollars, the local community collective faces an existential threat. 

Now, in response to the highly fragmented and weakened population of local media outlets, Relevnt is re-energizing these legacy experiences into being fresh, modernized mobile-first experiences for today's digital audiences - nimble, low cost, and real-time.


Relevnt™ is a location-based mobile network personalized by your interests. 

Discover and connect with great local content creators wherever you live, wherever you go!

We empower local content creators and established media brands with a more engaging way to publish content, get discovered, create community, and generate advertising revenue across the mobile web.

Relevnt™ Communities feature curated collections of news and lifestyle content, built around members’ interests. Selected content flows to each member’s personalized newsfeed, enabling micro-communities with authentic shared passions to form.

Similar to buying a web domain, Relevnt has launched Marketplace, a revolutionary new service where users create and buy Communities within specific categories, which are then hosted on our network for $4.99.