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About Relevnt™

Our goal with Relevnt is to restore the concept of ownership and control for the media industry in mobile at a very low cost.

With consumers spending less than 10% of their time on the mobile web, Relevnt™ solves this distribution and consumption experience problem. Relevnt's™ extensible and easy to integrate platform gives publishers, content creators and news organizations the ability to drive content, community and monetization in a new one-stop, mobile-first destination.

Relevnt™ Communities feature curated collections of news and lifestyle content, built around members’ interests. Selected content flows to each member’s personalized newsfeed, enabling micro-communities with authentic shared passions to form.

Similar to buying a web domain, Relevnt has launched Marketplace, a revolutionary new service where users create and buy Communities within specific categories, which are then hosted on our network for $4.99.

As the perfect website companion, these unique mobile destinations allow you join and collaborate with brands and like-minded people around a specific topic. Relevnt Communities feature curated news, LIVE video streams and interest-driven content from around the world.


Our Mission

to empower people by turning web content into personalized, real-time mobile news feeds that empower relevant content, community and commerce.