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About Relevnt™

Our goal with Relevnt is to restore the concept of ownership and control for the media industry in mobile at a very low cost.

Mobile users are spending approximately 85% of their time on 4-5 apps, which largely explains why Facebook and Google are taking almost 90% of all new digital advertising dollars. As a consequence, users are spending less than 15% of their time navigating to individual websites, which also explains why media brands are seeing less engagement and not getting digital ad dollars.

Relevnt™ is the new special interest media network powering a mobile-first web.

Uniquely comprised of a real-time media browser, contextualized search, and ownership-driven publishing services, Relevnt brings consumers and independent content sources closer together across the mobile web, all in one place.

Relevnt™ Communities feature curated collections of news and lifestyle content, built around members’ interests. Selected content flows to each member’s personalized newsfeed, enabling micro-communities with authentic shared passions to form.

Similar to buying a web domain, Relevnt has launched Marketplace, a revolutionary new service where users create and buy Communities within specific categories, which are then hosted on our network for $4.99.

Drive deeper consumer engagement by distributing and extending all of your collective digital content into a new one-stop, mobile-first destination. Communities allow you to avoid the cost of maintaining your own app. Customize and map your current website RSS feeds to your content tabs on your new Relevnt Community. Easily start publishing in minutes, while benefiting from the network effect of a connected platform.


Our Mission

to empower people by turning web content into personalized, real-time mobile news feeds that empower relevant content, community and commerce.