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Call for all local Journalists, Photographers, Video Editors, Writers, and Vloggers interested in joining the Relevnt Jax Team.

We're looking for creative minds and personalities to join us in making new live streams, videos, and editorial pieces covering all things 904. If this sounds like you or something you'd like to be a part of, contact Relevnt's Producer Eva Nagorski by filling out the form below.

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Mainstream social networks are capturing most of today’s ad dollars and audience attention. We believe that traditional local news organizations must transition to a new social media-style experience to better align with how today’s mobile audiences want to consume content. 

This is why we've created 904NOW on Relevnt.

As North Florida’s first mobile-only newsroom, Relevnt owns and operates a collection of uniquely branded, interest-specific communities covering local news, culture, sports, and more.  

Inspired by current trends in social media content creation, Relevnt offers a more engaging platform for local audiences and content contributors.